Wed. May 18th, 2022

Disclaimer: Benjamin Hardy is the guy that is doing this 30-day future self program. Asia recommended him to me because she thought his personality over-ride would help my autistic tendencies (the personality is not permanent bit). I agree with some of what he has to say but UGH him plugging his book every few minutes is annoying as shit. YES, I get that you have a goal, dude, but it is hard to hear what you are teaching through your advertising.  I have made it to day seven and I dread clicking the video because I know the first thing he is going to do is flash his yellow book (which has conflicting reviews). If he really wanted us to get anything out of his lessons, he would leave a link to his paid stuff and leave it at that. Yeah, I understand this is free so he needs to plug plug plug… And his obsession with Elon Musk makes me want to gag. Musk is a monster. Find someone else, yeah?

Key Insight: Commitment is reflected in the results you’re getting. If you’re serious about becoming your desired future self, it’s time to pass your point of no return. It’s time to remove alternative “lesser” goals. Commitment precedes courage, and it takes courage to become your future self. Are you ready to commit?


Are you ready to pass your point of no return?

Not today. Maybe tomorrow. Today I am in bed ill.

-What must you do to initiate that point of no return?

I should decide what is more important, love or success.

-Are you serious about becoming your future self?

Sometimes. I mean, do I have a choice? Every second I become my future self. Right now I am ten seconds more my future than I was ten seconds ago! Sometimes these questions are just to stretch the course out, methinks.