Wed. May 18th, 2022
Key Insight: If you want extreme flow and motivation, you need to identify and commit to a single “Keystone Goal.” One goal is how you change your life because one goal gives you a clear path to your future. If you have too many goals, you will have too many competing paths, which is another word for decision fatigue. The true decision means you’ve cut-off alternative paths. This is how you create motivation and success.

What is your Keystone Goal? What’s the one outcome that, if it were real, would allow you to do everything else you want to do?

I understand that this probably does not sound like a lot to you but I have relied on someone for my entire life. Being 100% independent is my goal. I might want to share my life with someone else but that would be my CHOICE – I do not have to do it. That person would amplify my life, I would not need them to survive (or them needing me).