Tue. May 17th, 2022

Key Insight: Your future self is something you must design and become. That is your responsibility. Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Will you take the time to imagine your future self, and use your imagined future self as the basis for your identity and behaviour? You can…

Pull out your journal and answer: Who is your future self 3 years from now?

Three years… that does not seem like very much time! I would guess that I will be working more, hopefully not reading cards anymore. I am in a stable relationship and I have finished my librarian studies.
-What is the “normal” life of your future self?

tea, writing, kids off to school, yoga, shower, work, home, dinner, reading, writing, camping/hiking, more of this and this but with another human to share these things with.

-What matters to your future self?

not burning or snuffing out – finding a comfortable balance while finding a good place to bloom.

-Why do you want to become this person?

it is better to grow in small steps than try to sprout up too big and not know how close the roof is to your head.