Wed. May 18th, 2022
Key Insight: Your identity comes from your view of your future. Everything we do as people is to create outcomes. You become a conscious human being by being highly specific about the outcomes you want.

Pull out your journal and reflect: What is the future you’re currently pursuing?


-What future do you really want to focus on?


Happ(il)y (married), successful (gluten-free baking).

Make your future bigger.

I suppose this is something else I have not thought of? I have never wanted to “be” anything. I assumed just raising my family was all I wanted to do. Being a wife and going on tiny holidays once or twice a year was fine.

Was fine. I did not dream very big because why did I need to? I ate every day, I had a house to live in and my bills were paid.

Now… I want a proper companion. A car (or maybe a boat?) that maybe I can live in (or that I can travel in for many days) because, girl, that wanderlust has been ramped up to a thousand, and a job that is worth getting out of bed for every day. I want to create food for people that understand that just because we cannot eat gluten does not mean we should know it is without something. We deserve good fucking food.

Maybe that still does not sound like much but I am not that complicated of a human. I do not want millions. I do not want to be famous. I just want happy kids (that are quickly becoming young adults), campfires, laughter over good food and someone that I can talk to about Poseidon, how evil Elon Musk is and how much I love cheese while I wrap myself around them.