Wed. May 18th, 2022

This is for the hopeless romantics. Those living in a world that wants nothing more than superficial love and meaningless hookups. This is for the hearts that crave more than to be just wanted and desired, that crave the need for safety, familiarity and warmth. This is for those without fickle hearts who do not just give a part of themselves but give themselves wholly and fully to those they fall for. This is for those who want to be truly seen beyond their looks and clothes, those who look for someone who sees to the very depths of their soul. This is for the seekers, those who look for something deeper than physical connection because if they are going to be wholly vulnerable, they want someone who will move them and make them feel alive.

This is for the writers of love letters and poems, those who believe that words are just as much a way to the heart as actions. This is for those who want grand gestures of love as well as the subtle ones. This is for those who still wish as they search the stars for answers.

This is for those who stay up late with thoughts they just cannot keep quiet and feelings that make them feel like they will explode into a million stars. This is for those with shy giggles who cover their faces with their hands. This is for those who say they hate pictures, but in fact they cannot believe someone would think they were important enough to keep in that eternal moment of a photograph.