Wed. May 18th, 2022

the lucy&yak debate continues and boy, did it get ugly. I have had it before, of course. I left one of my favourite mama groups because of a few entitled whiny brats. IT IS NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EVERY CLOTHING COMPANY TO DRESS EVERY BODY. Period. Stop putting fatphobia on this. It is the social stigma of obesity that causes difficulties and disadvantages for overweight and obese people…. that is what fatphobia is. Not shaming companies REPEATEDLY into dressing you because you like their clothes. Do you know what that is? Bullying (seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce). Big companies that have the means should dress us all, small companies should not have to. Stop bullying them!

I do not understand why you would continue to harass someone that is not doing what you want them to do. If someone did not have something I wanted, I would leave and find someone that did. No, these people continuously hound these people on every post they make WILL YOU BE EXTENDING THE SIZE RANGE WITH THE NEW DROP WILL YOU MAKE THESE IN A 5XL WILL YOU MAKE THESE IN LESS FEM COLOURS WILL YOU MAKE THESE IN PETITE SIZES WILL YOU MAKE THESE IN TALL SIZES WILL YOU MAKES THESE IN XYZ COLOUR BECAUSE IT IS MY FAVOURITE

Not only do they have to change their size range from 00-30 they need to cater to every single colour of the rainbow because it is required of them.

When I was too heavy to wear their stuff, I liked their posts and moved on. Now that I can wear their stuff, a lot of it is too long and awkward fitting because I am short. Am I on their site bitching and moaning? Nope, because I understand that they are not my personal tailor.

They had a disagreement with a black woman so they are also racist because they used “tense” wording.

I have this happen to me on a regular basis. I was told that E was racist because of the way he treats me. “He would never treat a Norwegian girl like that!”

Just because a white person and a POC have an issue does not make it a race issue. Sometimes people just have issues.