Wed. May 18th, 2022

Nadine was telling me why walking away was tricky. “It’ll be okay, though”, she explained. “You two got entangled because it is easy. You’re so alike and he validates your quirks and you his. Remember when we watched that film? “Spooky action at a distance?” Whatever. You’ll stay emotionally connected no matter how much time you spend apart or how erratic that time apart is. Notice how much calmer you are now? The lessons you’ve learned since he’s been in your life. And you started talking to him when he started coming back around again? You’re picking up the energy he was transmitting that he was ready. When he got depressed, so did you. How many times did he just pop into your head when you were doing something else? Was it random or was he thinking about you? Maybe that timeline vision you saw was not what you think, maybe it was a peek into your future? You touched your phone as he sent you a message twice today – how long have you two been disconnected for? And you say that was normal when you talked all the time? And he says things you think how often?

And you thought you were just going to walk away from him? Really? This is a rare connection, Melinda.”