Wed. May 18th, 2022

(nine people asked me this today)

In my younger years, all you had to do was say, “Melinda! Come there is a protest afoot!” and I would be there with a cardboard sign and bells on. I would learn about what we were bitching about on the way, sometimes. We got pepper-sprayed more than once.

For me to go to a protest these days, I am often an organiser. I like to know the facts behind the cause. I like to be passionate & involved.

I have been part of the blm movement since day one. I just do not feel connected to these protests. I feel like people are using them as platforms to show how woke they are. It has little to do with the people that have been killed. Ask any person at one of the protests who died and most have no idea. They just know some black guy was killed by a cop. Some. Black. Guy.

yeah, sorry if I cannot rally with these people.

There is hope, I agree. Just not on the streets and there is no hashtag behind a filter. Fuck, I hate this.

We need to do better. Love is the only way but how do you spread love when narcissism is more important than integrity and heart?