Wed. May 18th, 2022

I see you, Karens, posting your blackouts on Instagram but still driving your Teslas and shopping at Target. I see you posting your selfies with filters at protests but not blurring out the people around you. During the nonsense of your blackouts tagged #blacklivesmatter you drowned out all of the people of colour that actually had something to say – art and poems and pain to post – while you had blocks of blackness to display.

You trendy assholes.

Do you want to help or hinder the process?

Do you want to help and be an ally? First, stop buying shit made by slaves. Capitalism thrives on slavery.



If you live in the US, there are local chapters of the NAACP. Get involved with them. This list is just the beginning.

If you are just posting a black square to be trendy, you are a damn saviour, Karen, and you can go and fuck yourself. We do not need your help. You are part of the problem.

And yes that filter makes you look like a shallow bitch.