Tue. May 17th, 2022

He knows how to keep his energy for long-term actions. But at the same time, he will provoke things to make them happen.

Dynamic and productive, he also has a more restrained side of his personality that gives him dignity. No matter how energetic he might be in his day-to-day concerns, in a relationship, he will prove to be sensitive, weighted, and even silent.

There is nothing chaotic in the abundant energy he displays. Although he is dynamic, he will manifest this in a spontaneous way.

He often prefers to work as well as be alone. He could find being into a relationship quite difficult.

He may remain in the shadow of this individuality, but sooner or later he will burst into action in his own way. His relationship may continue for a long time in harmony, in an amicable manner, but it can often end in death, divorce, or rebellion.

This often happens from the desire to express the power of one’s own right and from the desire to be recognized individually and distinctly.
It is not at all surprising that he greatly admires the capable and talented individuals. Achievement is a valuable thing for him. He can achieve great success in his field of activity.

If he fails to do so, he might suffer from nervous breakdowns and deep depression. Another danger is that he works so hard and so efficiently to become indispensable to those who rely on him.

Often, he will want to retire into a life of meditation and spiritual study. Most often, in his career, he put first and foremost excellence, secondly on power and lastly on the money.

An extreme sense of morality is developed in him. Sometimes, because of his codified ideas of what is good and bad, he should avoid imposing his values system on others. He must be careful not to become overly rigid or authoritarian.

All types of expectations can create difficulties for him. Therefore, it is in his long-term interest to resist the temptation to make harsh and hasty opinions regarding people and the circumstances that block everyone involved in stable relationships and positions.

Timeframe prediction: September 2020.



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