Wed. May 18th, 2022

Hege brought me a skirt from her closet to add to mine. I put it over my bell bottoms. Colour! I mean, it is plaid and plaid I do – with striped and MCR t-shirts and platform boots because it is always 2004.

I have been watching The Vietnam War film and holy shit, I have comments but the one I have to make right now is how much Trump wants to be Nixon.

So much I did not know about this war. I shut this off every day and wonder how the fuck people still let the government send troops into other countries. This is mind-boggling. Why the hell do we think that we have the right to run other countries governments?

I have two other wars to learn about after this one but for some reason I started with this one. I suppose it was because it came in film form and the other two are courses. I can knit my way through this one (and Trent & Atticus did the soundtrack!).

but fucking hell.

Yeah, I opted out of learning history for several reasons. I knew years ago that it was pointless because we repeat the same shit over and over again so might as well learn about it new when it happened this time around. I was looking forward to hearing Eirik’s history rants but they stopped before I learned anything. I decided to start the journey on my own.

I would rather listen to him, though.