Wed. May 18th, 2022

In my email today, I had some snazzy post about instead of wanting a man that comes back, you should want the one that never leaves.

A man that stays and works things out instead of running off every time there is a problem – understanding that everyone sucks, not just us. A man that does not stick his dick in everything that spreads for him – it is not a damn buffet, learn some restraint.

Love is not rare, we just treat it like garbage. We behave towards people like they are IKEA furniture – we switch it out with every new season and discard the crap we do not want on the street corner hoping someone else will pick it up because we were too lazy to throw it out properly. We do not care about quality, it is the quantity for us, baby. It makes us feel immortal, yeah? The more skin we grab on to, the less likely we are to pay attention to the quiet crinkling and sagging of ours. Just keep kissing and fucking and ssh, none of this is really happening. Love does not care about the superficial but we cannot bother to dig past the first layer of mascara or beard wax, can we? We just want to feel something… anything. We do not live in a culture where reciprocity seems at all sane.

And even if we hurt delicate creatures that know what love is worth along the way because what kind of freak puts value on physical and emotional intimacy and feels joy from life instead of material possessions and liking mundane bullshit on social media?

Oh, right.

My ugly parts are covered in so much glitter that when you hug me, I imprint on you.
True story.

I do not comprehend why people stay any longer than they need to. When it is time to go, staying a moment longer than is necessary is cruel to all parties involved.

Real intimacy is not a thing to be bartered.

Why do people beat dead horses

Now we build appliances that are meant to be replaced instead of repaired.
So maybe relationships are that way now too (?).

I wonder what has changed.