Wed. May 18th, 2022

there are blank spots in my memory even though I was never drunk
I am delicate in places I am not used to
the smiles that I traced with my finger are covered in glitter and tortilla cheese dust
fourteen hours of music and laughter and
conversations that never had a conclusion
I am blessed for the joy I have in my life
and for the felicity, you have added to it

happy 3rd-day of valentines ♡

tell him how you feel because you deserve the chance to move forward — or move on. You deserve to know whether it is time to take that next step with him or whether it is time for you to heal your heart and search for someone new.

Tell him how you feel because you have been dying to get this off of your chest. You have been itching to get the words out of your mouth (“it is weird, I do not generally like anyone but“) Even though you have been terrified of his reaction, all you really want is to see that reaction, to see whether you are on the same page (and do not run away if he is pining for you too, girl, jesus christmas, do not be draft. He is a good guy and you know it. He is not going to hurt you.), You are tired of questioning. You just want to know.

Tell him how you feel because the timing is never going to be right. You are always going to come up with a new excuse about why you are not ready. You are always going to tell yourself “tomorrow is a better day”. But you do not want to hide behind procrastination forever. You do not want to trick yourself into thinking there is a right and a wrong way to do this because as long as you speak from the heart, you are on a good path.

Tell him how you feel because it is better to risk rejection than to risk regret. You do not want to wonder what could have happened if you made another choice.

Tell him how you feel because it is better than watching him closely and searching for signs that he feels the same… or whether he is only entertaining you until he finds someone who gets him more.