Wed. May 18th, 2022

Back in 2000, I had a boyfriend that made Valentine’s Day two weeks long. It was silly and sweet and since then I have been trying to make each year a celebration of friendship and heart instead of commercialised focused romanticism. So for each day I do something for someone to show them that I care for them.

I mean, I do it every day anyway but now I call it Valentine’s Day. ❤️

I make cookies, cakes, curries, pies, heart cut-outs, paints, mittens, chocolates, and whatever else I can dream up to gift to someone to raise their spirits & give them some love.

It is fun.

On the 14th, I celebrate with my family. We have a nice dinner and we exchange small presents that we made and we have cake. It is nice. Isobel’s boyfriend will be here this year so it will be modified to a lunch so they can go out and have dinner together.

Even if I am seeing someone, I avoid going out with them on that day. It is too consumer driven and not loving at all. Unless that person LOVES Valentine’s Day deep in their bones (and some people do), I would rather spend the day with my kids.

I say that I am not romantic but I think that is untrue. I am just not into what Hollywood sells as romance. It is nonsensical and it has ruined people’s sense of what relationships should look & feel like.

Today, slushy heart 🖤