Wed. May 18th, 2022

Here is the problem-nobody doubts the fact that Trump withheld the aid and nobody doubts the fact that his reason was to get Ukraine to soil Biden’s reputation. The thing is, the elected Senate Republicans do not care. They do not care if Trump is beholden to Putin. Nor do they care if he has engaged in illegal, unethical or immoral acts. They all think he is a creep.

And that is not all! Roberts will find a way to ensure that the Supreme Court rules against Trump’s taxes being released to Congress. Trump has already corrupted the Supreme Court and every court across the country. He has arranged for people he knows he can or has corrupted to be acting heads of departments. He chose people who would not pass a vetting process but who he can control. He has corrupted all the safeguards our founders thought would prevent someone like Trump ascending to the WH and then acting on his dictatorship/autocracy/Kleptocracy plans.

Senate Republicans also do not give a shit just like those around Hitler did not mind the smell. And the rest of the country is really not taking the threat as seriously as it should. We learned “never again”. But if we were determined to prevent it from happening people would be taking Trump’s misconduct far more seriously.

How did we get to a point where Republicans can all agree that Trump tried to cheat in the next election and yet they do not want to see evidence or know if he has cheated in other ways too? No surprise that Roberts will fall in line behind Trump. None at all.

But Jews, Blacks, the disabled, gays/trans and others may want to wave goodbye to the Statute of liberty and head to safer ground.