I asked if the night time activity I was being sent was honest OR was I crazy. This is what I was given for an answer.

(your cup overflows with positivity & your excitement is magnetic to others surrounding you. you are shining – experience sensations with an open & joyful heart


no more blaming yourself or others, the time is for forgiveness and personal freedom, rise up & let pettiness & fear fall below you, expand your wings & be reborn. what a relief it will be)



I have been being pulled here all week, and after a brilliant chat with C on Wednesday, yeah… I know I took the right steps forward.

I have no goddamn idea where I am stepping off to, but who cares right? Better than dwelling in the muck of the past that has nothing but pain and too big dresses & empty chocolate wrappers.


letting people in is not an easy task for me. some days, however, have cake & smiles & hugs galore.

a happy birthday was had.

we ate pizza and unicorn cake. afterwards there was a silly romp in the neighbourhood in the snow. it was an easy day, full of well-wishes & prophecies for the next year that look adventurous and fermenting.

I slept easy last night.


i have noticed that people that tell me that they have been bullied as teenagers are often more torpid as adults. this in itself is not a negative aspect but their effect on people around them is. noticing the details in other’s mannerism is a curse, no doubt. learning to take people as they are IS a gift. understanding that not everyone is programmed to engage in hard work, rebellion, charity, honesty, creativity and self-improvement is a bitter pill to swallow. i thought everyone was and those that did not appear to be, just wandered off their paths so i took their hand and gleefully guided them back. NOPE.

this makes me judgemental. i did not know.

i can do better! the greater good can still be good but just with willing soldiers.

man, someone should write a social cues program for me to upload. that would be swell.

well, you asked


Oh, I know what I *want* to do. I can deny it out loud. I can tell you the stories of what happened and how he lied and how she made me out to be the harlot and how I skipped away and found someone else for no other reason besides the fact that I could. It would be truthful, mostly. And it makes me sound like the logical Vulcan-esque girl you know.

The full truth is that I did not walk away, I was dragged away. I am unsure if it was the right thing to do but what is done is done.

All of my choices affect my life, and sometimes those around me, now and in the future.

Divine balance, karma.

You can judge me all you want, no one judges me harsher than I do, kitty cats.


The correct way to run the US government (as the president, anyway), is first to uphold the separation of church and state. These evangelicals are cyanide to democracy. They are doing their best to install their version of sharia law into our daily lives and Trump is just happy to be sitting in his throne. We do remember what the separation of church and state is supposed to protect us from, right?

1. It protects religious freedom for everyone.
2. It prevents the tyranny of any one religion.

Okay, is Trump doing? He is flirting with theocracy. So, in my first moments as president, I am going to do my best to erase the words GOD from pretty much everything.

I am not going to ban religion, kids because as it says above, “it protects religious freedom for everyone”. I want you to worship as you see fit. Do what makes you and your kin happy and prosperous. These things should not alter the way the government is run and how you seek justice. Period.


“Ugh, hi there, senators? Yeah, you guys will do. You are elected officials and representatives of the PEOPLE in your state NOT THE COMPANIES IN YOUR STATE, K? Yeah, we need to work out the Constitution. Yeah, yeah, it is supreme law and all but we need some fucking serious amendment action here and we are not leaving this room until we have the frame work to present to congress on how to fix this shit. The American people deserve better than this and before this week is out, we are going to give it to them.”

The NRA has to go. Single-payer health care has to be implemented. The military needs to be scaled back and our noses wiped clean. Coal, oil and gas taps need to be corked. The environment needs the biggest overhaul to see what could be salvaged (if, anything). Term-limits would need to be imposed on Supreme Court Justices.

And this would just be in the first year.

Non-hispanic white folks are only 62% of the population… why they most of the population of congress? This needs to be remedied. How can this be accomplished?

Mandatory voting.

Then everybody is represented.
A true democracy.

Eh, not what the founding fathers really wanted but would they want a biracial woman as president? Nope, not at all.

dit dot


my my, I did not notice you peering at me like that. how long have you been flicking ashes in the corner with your pumpkin-coloured light? I should be paying a bit more attention but you know… there is //// and ///// that ////

gluing fallen leaves back on the trees and they be like, “bitch! do I look like an oak?!”

yeah, I had a funny conversation about why I should be president. I am far too giddy to write about it now, I shall do it when I rise but know my slogan will not be:

“Dahl, Doing it because you fuckers are too damn lazy to do it yourself”.

the day of the elf

I sent a few silly pictures to J on Halloween after I got soaked on my morning adventures. I decided to post them here before I purged them from my camera roll. I had a delightful time that day. The memories are welcome.

must be

i cast a circle around my house and sat in the middle of my bed and threw three stones and closed my eyes and swore i would never ever let you into my life again and then i opened my eyes and i saw the third stone had moved and rolled into the first and fell off the bed and i picked it up and found a white feather when i sat up i smelled your cologne i closed my eyes and asked mama gaia and the holy spirit and called upon my angels and my mouth tasted like metal i did not know the words to ask for help my mouth just formed into a kiss and i felt your lips on my mine and i got dizzy and felt strangled

thirty second thought formed this morning

Why are people so hung up on Disney World?
(My question is not about Disney as a company. That is a separate subject that I have already addressed.)
Here is why I ask:
A friend of mine posted a photograph of himself on halloween dressed as a Disney tour guide and asked for a caption of what he was suppose to be. My gut instinct was to write, “plantation owner”.

I adore him, so I opted out of such a crass comment. He is far from woke, but he is no bigot.

Then I began reading. You spend $150 a day for family of four. A disney employee makes $8.41 an hour before taxes. This person that has to smile and make your day magical makes less than what your latte costs a cup.

How can you enjoy being tended to by slaves?