Harry Potter (a post by Isobel)


Aloha(mora)! My name is Isobel and some people call me Harry Potter obsessed. I call it love. Harry Potter is not just a book and movie series, its a way of life.

It all starts with the boy who lived under the stairs. What i think pulls people towards the series is that it feels not only like you have an instant connection with Harry but also that there are so many questions that need to be answered right away. why is this boy living in such a horrible home, why can he talk to snakes, where does the glass go, and what in the world is the deal with all the owls and letters flying into the Dursleys house? also, i think people start to feel like Hogwarts is not only where Harry feels at home but where we do too.

Who are my favorite characters and why you ask? Luna Lovegood would totally be my BFF. She is just plain ol´weird, i mean what is the deal with all of those creatures taking all of her stuff and her being completely fine with it? She is not afraid to be herself and well she is in Ravenclaw, which according to Pottermore.com is the house the sorting hat sorted me into. So not only is she  as weird as me but we are also in the same house! My second favorite would have to be Dobby, all he ever tried to do was to help Harry and he promised him at the end of the second book/movie not to interfere again. Guess how he died? By saving Harry. This makes me angry, but also happy. It makes me angry because he died, it makes me happy because he died a free elf making his own choices. “Such a nice place to be with friends”. *sniff sniff*, gets me every time.

After watching the movies countless times each, i am left with a lot of unanswered questions and a desire for more. I thought by reading “the cursed child” those questions and that desire would be fulfilled but i couldn’t even make it through the first 30 pages. There were so many feelings and thoughts i was not ready to deal with, that i didn’t even realise i had until i started the book. I was comfortable with the first books/movies, i could probably tell you what happens in all the movies (haven’t read the books in a while so I’m more up to date on the story in the movies). then this new book comes out, with the old characters i have grown to know and love and new characters that I’m sure i will grow to love just as much when i make it through the book. what is difficult for me is that its pretty much the same people, but completely new things are happening and for once i don’t know how the story will end.

One thing i know for sure is that in 20, 30 years from now when people ask me “are you really still this obsessed with Harry Potter?”. My response will be “Always.”