the cat came back

Will said:

Hey people.
Firstly, I wanna thank you all for the support you people have given mine and myself these couple of days.
Secondly I wanna say that I am fine.
Thirdly I wanna tell you in simple terms what happened:
Melinda  and I had an argument, and I went out to clear my head. The trip got longer then expected, and I found myself lost in the woods. I kept as warm as I could in the nights and …that wasn’t easy so I ended up sleeping a lot of the second day away too. I had found shelter. I stayed there the next day trying to find where I should go. Friday I set out the opposite direction of where I had gone Thursday, and I found Trondheim again.
Made it down to the house before someone called the cops on me and they picked me up and got me checked up.
Thanks to anyone involved. I really appreciate it. It flabbergasted me like no ones business. Which just make it even better.


I am so relieved/blessed/overjoyed.