The End is the Beginning is the End

The concept of loyalty escapes most people.

The ability to lie comes too easily to others.

Self-righteousness is instilled in those that have no morals.

Pompous & puffed-chested, they absorb the attributes of people around them … like a whale, eating krill.


Once I knew this guy that said he loved me. I let myself believe in the insanity of this idea.

He never tried to woo me. He just opened his mouth and blackness came out.

I closed my eyes, I hoped it would pass.

The darkness consumed him. I was blamed.

He always blamed me.

When I pulled away, he pounced.

I grimaced. He had fangs.

I know, I know… I have seen this before. I wanted this to be different.

Some how.

I wanted his friendship. He wanted ownership.

I could not dismiss his lies.

He cried wolf. I thought better of it.

I walked away. He followed.

I sat by idly. He had a plot.

I crossed my fingers.

He broke his.


*blink, blink.

Hello, beautiful.
How long have you been looking me?
That long?
That does not make much sense…
A kiss?
Just one.

“All the stars in front of me
Now I’m left here all alone”