Wed. May 18th, 2022

let me tell you about this day (well, yesterday by the time this posts)-

it was so easy. I made apple butter. I read a few cards. I folded some clothes and bought a few groceries. I listened to a podcast. I went for a walk in the woods (IN THE SUN) and watched some insects bug out. I read some poetry and washed my kitchen. I talked to Eirik about Vulcans, butterflies and The Skarsgårds. I finished knitting my hat and pulled out that damn sweater I got stuck on sleeve island with.

That is it.

I had a dream that we sat knee-to-knee on the carpet having a staring contest. He kept winning because I kept cracking up when the corners of his mouth would even tempt to creep upwards. I could not contain my laughter.

he won over and over. laugh laugh laugh. He told me I needed to get control over my emotions. I pinched his thigh gently and told him to stop being such a ‘droid. He laughed and said something snarky and I tickled him and he fell backwards into the dark.

everything in my life is perfect, everything in my life is so easy