Wed. May 18th, 2022

I have something to rage about but I cannot because I get my three squares a day (that average fifteen sentences a day during the weekend but not really since today was only five but that is why we call it an average) but things happen like no sleep because it is a huge party weekend and there are drunks everywhere. Let us not forget that weekends are for relaxation & chatting with your co-workers, friends & pretty much everyone else. I get one night a week, usually Wednesday or Thursday for awhile. I AM VERY PLEASED FOR THAT NIGHT YES I AM. The days on the tail end of the week and holidays have never been gifted to me and I understand that. He works really hard and generally puts his feet up and babysits the drunks instead?

Yeah no it makes no sense to me either 🤷🏽‍♀️

I think there has been one or two weekend nights that he has spent with me. Otherwise I leave him be. I do not even bother at this point. There are five and six hours between his responses, I would not even read them if I was not afraid to seem rude. Why should I bother, no conversation will come from them, right? He should just let me know when he is available to talk & if I am also we can spend time together. Or you know, facetime or something (hahahahahahahaha).

Two weeks left, guys. Can I nap through this?