Wed. May 18th, 2022

listening to him sleep and being close to his skin for so many hours was like opiates.
my brain could not handle the delirium and the exhaustion. and oh the dopamine shot out in waves every time he threw his arms around me or pulled me close
when the light came into the room, i studied his face to my memory (but then tried to forget it just as quickly so i could do it again another day) and i wondered, i mean, did he know how elven his features were? that upturned nose? i wanted to place my lips gently, gently on it but i was afraid i would wake him, and then i would have to explain why i was kissing his adorable elvish organ of the respiratory system. i sighed a giggle back and tucked my head back under his chin and fell back into a shallow sleep. every time he moved i woke up. he touched my hair, my face, my shoulder, my bottom, my stomach. he was having a proper dream that had him speaking softly, graciously muttering exquisite secrets he had ruffled in his drowsy mind. he held me, i melted into a deeply happy please never let this night end slumber. the sweetness of it will knock me off my feet for days to come i am sure (it is too bad he slept through it all but good for me because that is sort of the point, i guess?).